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Signs by which you can recognize fraud in a casino

Signs by which you can recognize fraud in a casino

Fraudulent casinos can ruin your life. This goes far beyond simply losing a deposit in the worst situations. Unfortunately, scam casinos are run by really mean people. As you can see, these online casino scammers are targeting you in multiple ways. But in the end, it’s all about taking your hard-earned money.

In this article, I will describe how the most typical online casino scams work. With this knowledge, you will be better prepared to avoid them.

Inadequate appropriate licensing

Each casino requires a license to operate. These honors are awarded by jurisdictions around the world. European countries such as Gibraltar and Malta are known for having some of the most prominent casino regulators in the world.

While a license is not enough to ensure that the casino is not a scam, this is a major red flag. On the home pages of real casinos, you will see icons with links. Double check if the connection is in error or the jurisdiction is unclear.

Signs by which you can recognize fraud in a casino

Hiding behind web forms

Fake casinos won’t tell you who owns them or give you too many ways to contact them. Compared to a larger legal site like the Lucky Creek online casino, its web page has owner details, phone numbers and addresses, multiple email addresses, and a live chat feature. Avoid casinos that give you free blank forms to fill out with your contact information but don’t provide instructions on how to contact them.

Lack of testing certificate

Most casinos strive to show that their games are fair. For this, specialized audit firms are hired, which run their games millions of times. This information is then used to establish that the trade is random and that the advertised returns (RTP%) are correct.

As this may be a hoax, make sure the audit is up to date by rechecking it with the testing company. I would have moved to another casino if I didn’t see the testing certificate.


Non-payment of winnings, late payments, false advertising and bonuses, last-minute change of bonus terms or excuses to close your account are all examples of online casino scandals. Read online reviews and comments from previous players, or search online casino review sites. After about five or more years of running a respectable casino like the Pin Up online casino , there will be little to no controversy.

Few payment methods

If you find that PayPal deposits are allowed, that’s a good sign. PayPal is picky about who they do business with, only allowing the biggest and greatest brands to use their services.

The lack of alternative deposits, as a rule, can be a wake-up call. At a minimum, I expect to see at least one credit or debit card, money transfer methods, and bitcoin. If the casino simply accepts bitcoin or some other esoteric prepaid voucher system, you should do more research before making a deposit.

New and upcoming casinos are critical because they keep the industry innovative, but if security is your top priority, stick with the big names. For gamers from all over the world, there is a large selection of well-known and well-known brands. However, your choice will depend on your gaming tastes and gadgets as much as anything else.