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Play slot Book of Ra

At one time, many creators of gaming slots were inspired by the legendary Book Of Ra slot machine, and even today developers release their own “clones” of this game. No other machine has been able to influence the creation of games as much as this slot from Novomatic, and despite all the improved options, users still return to the original version.

As many have suggested, the theme of ancient Egypt is at the heart of the Book of Ra slot machine. The gameplay takes place on five reels, three rows and nine paylines. And this game should not be confused with the Deluxe version released by the developer Novomatic in 2008. Anyway, there is a “game of chance” option here, with which the user can either multiply the money won or lose it, and this can be done with any amount, which has been won.


⌛ Type Slot
7️⃣ Bonus game Yes
🔥 Free spins Yes
💯 Volatility High

Of course, the main advantage of the Book of Ra slot machine is the free spins mode, and a sign will be randomly selected before the start of the bonus game. The symbol chosen in this way can increase when this mode is activated, and the user wins no matter in what position or row it falls out, as long as the gamer fills at least two symbols per spin of the reel. This slot is very popular in Pin-Up online casino.

Additional bonuses on the Book of Ra slot machine

A user can land a wild symbol on five reels, and this symbol works on the principle of a classic joker, or rather, it creates a winning chain with all other symbols that have the maximum value.

You also need to pay attention to the fact that the image of the “Book” on this slot machine is both a wild and a scatter. The gamer will continue to receive winnings due to scatters until he comes across at least three scatter symbols in one spin.

The nice thing about the combination of scatter mode and wild in a single symbol is that the scatter image never blocks any winning game combinations, while the symbol is always part of them. It is also possible to either double the amount won, or lose everything in the classic 50/50 game, you can do this with absolutely any amount that was received.

Free spins in Book of Ra slot

Constantly, if the user comes across at least three scatters per spin of the reel, he will first be able to receive the money won, and then activate the free spins mode. In this case, it will be possible to see the sign of the Book of Ra, which is displayed on the monitor, and all simple characters will be added in turn to the “book”. The sign that stops at the “book” will be a symbol during free spins.

Book of Ra

This symbol will constantly increase if the same symbol starts to fall out to the user during the active free spins mode, that is, it works as a scatter if we consider the win.

This means that the user must land at least two symbols on the reels. The selected symbol will start to increase only if the gamer comes across a winning game chain, and you can re-activate the free spins mode, which often happens in this slot machine.


The Book of Ra is one of the most popular slot machines in the world, and the Book of Ra slot is the founder of a number of “book” games. Many creators have tried to develop their own “killer” of this machine, but it is still the most popular in its group even after many years.

This machine may seem outdated to many, unlike the slots that are created today, but users will most likely never be able to get bored with such a “simplified mystery” of Ancient Egypt, which contains a random symbol mode that is activated when scatters appear, as well as a free drum rotation.